Yellow Max Activation
  • 500 MB
  • Unlimited minutes within Beeline network
  • 50 minutes to other local mobile operators
  • 50 SMS
  • Price: 2₾
  • Activation *150*10#
  • Balance Check  *155#

Local prices

After 30 days activation, in the case of a sufficient amount on your balance sheet, the tariff will automatically continue
On all local operators - 10 tetri
1 MB -10 tetri
1 SMS - 1 tetri
Cost for connection - 10 tetri

International prices

Russia 0,65 ₾
Calls to other operators in CIS 0.9 ₾
Northern America 0.7 ₾
Asia 0.9 ₾
Central and Southern Amerika, Africa, Australia and other countries 1.91 ₾
Europe 0.9 ₾

Additional information

• Tariff activation is possible from any other tariff.
Minutes included in tariff can be used only on calls on local mobile operators.
Minutes included in tariff cannot be used for calls to special numbers.
Tariff has auto prolongation feature. For autoprolongation of tariff, an amount on 30th day from tariff activation is needed, the amount should be placed on the same time, at which tariff activation occurred.
In case of insufficient amount on balance on 30th day, system will await within 5 days for balance top up in order to implement tariff automatic prolongation. During this period tarrification will occur as per standard tariff conditions and prices.
In case data units are used before the end of term of tariff validity, data units will be spent from another data balance (if such exists) or the sum from balance will be charged, according to standard tariff price: 1 MB - 10 tetri.
In case of activation of the same or the other tariff before the end of validity of tariff, the current tariff is annulled and new activated tariff becomes valid.
If a data bundle is activated along with the tariff, data units will be spent from the balance the validity of which will expire first.
Rounding on tariff is per second
• If a data/voice/SMS bundle is activated along with the tariff, megabytes/minutes/SMSes will be spent from the balance the validity of which will expire first.